Medina United Academy is a football organization that was founded mainly to help in the development of young individuals through sports and other related activities,  which adds enormous value to their lives.


Q.     How many different teams does Medina United Academy have?

  Medina United Academy currently has four different teams that range from 6-23 years of age.

    1. Under 9 (U9) from age 6-9 years
    2. Under 12 (U12) from age 10-12 years
    3. Under 15 (U15) from age 13-15 years
    4. Under 23 (U23) from age 16-23 years

Q.      How can I register my child at Medina United Academy?

  To register your child at Medina United Academy, you can either visit our office complex and club house in Lamin or contact our General

  Manager (Sanna Jorbateh, +220 3891423) or Technical Director (Sang Mendy, +220 7622396).

Q.      Is Medina United Academy only for males?

   Yes, Medina United Academy is currently only for males. However, in  January 2021 we will launch the female chapter of the academy.

Q.      How do I become a sponsor of Medina United Academy?

   Sponsorships of all forms are welcome (please see the different sponship levels on our sponsors page). To become a sponspor please contact

   our Founder and Chairman (Michael Nicol, +01 3057478353) or General Manager (Sanna Jorbateh, +220 3891423) or Technical Director (Sang

   Mendy, +220 7622396).

Q.      What will my sponsorship provide?


              Your sponsorship will provide Academy players with training uniforms, equipment, game jerseys, and warm-up apparel so that the Academy

              and your company are well-represented and recognized wherever they go. Your sponsorship will allow the Academy to continue to provide the

              highest level of coaching available in the Gambia by helping us recruit, train and retain well-qualified coaching staff. In addition, your

              sponsorship will help send Academy players to tournaments, summer camps and competitive academy programs around the country and

              internationally. There, Gambian players will have the opportunity to improve their skills and talents, be exposed to different coaching styles and

              market themselves to play soccer at a higher level. Your sponsorship will also pay for the rental of the training facility at the FIFA Goal Project

              Training Fields, and the transportation of players to and from the training field.