"Gambia's Professional Training Academy for Youths"

Medina United Football Academy (“MUFA Academy”) is one of Gambia’s

finestprofessionally organized training academy for competitive youth

soccer. MUFA is located in Lamin Village, in the Gambia, West Africa.

MUFA has designed a curriculum that has proven to develop

fundamental technical skills and tactical awareness in young players who

are committed to competing at the highest levels. MUFA currently has 150

registered youths in the academy ranging from the age of 6 years to 17

years. The Academy is open and free to all between the ages of 6 years to

21 years. MUFA provides training shoes, jerseys, equipment and gears, and

other needed materials free of charge to all academy members.

MUFA Academy’s main focus is on the individual development of players

who strive to play at their current schools and to enroll them in American

colleges, play in national and domestic leagues in the Gambia and eventually at professional or international levels. The Academy strives not only to develop elite soccer players, but more importantly, to socialize an ethic of competition in young players and to teach our players how to become succesful young adults in all aspects of their lives.

The Academy is synonymous with quality. We are strictly dedicated to producing soccer players of the highest caliber and grooming young boys to become responsible citizens. In order to provide the best coaching, the Academy hires only those coaches who have, themselves, played soccer at a competitive level. All our coaches go through a six-week training program where they learn the Academy’s curriculum and the fundamentals of coaching youth soccer players. Our coaches are certified with the West Coast Region Football Academies Association Grassroots Coaching Certificate.


To create an environment that helps and accommodates children of different orientation ranging from social status, faith and/or ethnicity as well as facilitate the development of young people through sports, education and other recreational activities.


  • To create an environment conducive for every young individual where they can learn and develop in all relevant aspects.


  • Avail equal opportunities to all the youths in our charge.


  • Train, guide, mentor, inspire, impart, encourage and develop future responsible sports men and citizens of the Gambia and of the world.



  • Develop and recruit players and coaches that can serve at different national and international levels.



  • Build and establish a state of the earth training complex with a pitch, changing rooms, conference halls, administrative offices etc.



  • Open a school of excellence with dormitories for players to live on campus as they complete their junior and senior secondary education.


  • Secure partners and/or donors to fund programs for the community and people for their socio economic growth. This is to ensure job opportunities for the masses.




  • To catch the children while they are still young and helpable; to ensure there is a low rate of wayward children without any positive direction. Ensure sports is used as a positive tool of change and not a means of exploitation.

  • To build a formidable team of administrators, coaches and technicians who will always work together to the best of their ability for the sake of the children.


  • MICHAEL NICOL – FOUNDER & CHAIRMAN – 01 305 9756303
  • Email address:
  • Web address:


  • Michael Nicol : Founder and Chairman
  • Dr. Mariama Jaiteh: Director of Women's Chapter
  • Sanna Jobarteh : General Manager 
  • Sang Mendy : Technical Director
  • Musa Manneh : Office manager 
  • Basiru Njie : secretary general
  • Modou Dibba : Facilities  Manager 
  • Danise Mendy : Footballers mother's president
  • Dr Mariama Jaiteh : Director of Women's Chapter
  • Max Sanz Casasus : Sporting Director 


  • Mr. Sang Mendy : Technical Director
  • Musa Sanyang :  Physical Therapist
  • Musa Manneh : U15 Coach
  • Omar Bayo : U14 Coach
  • Sarjo Saidykhan : U14 Coach
  • Lamin Owens : U19 Coach
  • Saihou Njie : U17 coach
  • Lamin Camara : U12 Coach
  • Lamin Manjang : U10 Coach 
  • pierre Gomez : 2nd Division Coach


  • Tijan Masanneh Ceesay : Board CEO
  • Dr. Mariama Jaiteh: Board Member
  • Munga Eketebi : Board Member
  • Barry Kaplan : Board Member
  • Sanusi Pa Ceesay : Board Member
  • Aziz Corr : Board Member
  • Oriol Dorsainvil : Board Member
  • Osaro Aloba : Board Member
  • John Joof : Board Member
  • Momodou Wadda: Board Member
  • Michael Nicol : Board Member
  • Alieu jack :Board member
  • Lawrence Prom - Board Member


  • Kara Ceesay
  • Momodou Njie
  • Pa Ousman Cham
  • Pa Samba Jow
  • Abdoulie Mboob 
  • Alhaji Baker 
  • Ebrima Kujabi 
  • Alhaji Jallow 
  • Jumbo Jallow
  • Francis Ndow
  • Kamal Ndow
  • Telmo Dantes